Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Kurdistan receives a delegation of legal experts from Egypt

11/25/2015 11:58:00 AM
Dr. Jaffar Ibrahim Eminki, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Kurdistan, received in his private office within the parliament on Tuesday 17/11/2015, a delegation of legal experts, namely, Dr. Safwat El-Baiady, an expert and drafter of the recent Egyptian Constitution and Attorney Jacqueline Isaac, Constitutional expert and humanitarian attorney of Egyptian descent.  The delegation also included Dr. Yvette Elbayadi Isaac, renowned television personality and Founder of Roads of Success, a legal advocacy and humanitarian organization, and Ms. Loureen Ayyoub, journalist and writer of Jordanian descent.
During the meeting, Dr. Bayadi expressed his happiness to visit the Kurdistan Parliament, and provided comparative examples to display to Kurdistan's parliament and members of its Constitutional Drafting Committee the experiences Egypt underwent while transitioning after the revolution and encouraged the aspirations, freedoms of the people of Kurdistan in all its sects, including protection of minority rights and sovereignty of its independent region.  
Ms. Jacqueline congratulated the people of Kurdistan for their victory in retaking Sinjar town this week and focused on the drafting process of the pending KRG Constitution, official incorporation of distinct community languages, term "civil state", and wording to guarantee practical implementation of Constitutional safeguards, freedoms for Christians, Yazidis and minorities in Kurdistan. 
Dr. Yvette addressed the urgent need of reviewing current media landscape to ensure fundamental mentalities do not spread while Ms. Loureen commended efforts towards unifying the diverse groups within the region providing hope for a long term, stable government. 
The delegation noted their efforts to bring the voice of Kurdistan to the world, including testimony heard at United States Congress and press conference in United Nations headquarters and across media outlets encouraging America and international community to support Kurdistan as one of the few save havens in the region strongly protecting all minorities who have fled from ISIS. The delegation also proposed to Dr. Eminki a unity movement to bring religious and community leaders to unify and defend essential freedoms for all, and to fight the battle against extremism.
For his part, Dr. Eminki was pleased with this meeting and highlighted the importance of the Constitution to the people and the quest for access to their legitimate rights and to live in peace and security. Dr. Eminki pointed out the importance of religious and ethnic minorities in the Kurdistan region and guarantee of their protection, rights and future within drafting Constitutional articles.

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