Kurdistan Parliament Announcement Concerning the meeting between the Presidency Board and the heads of Parliament Fractions dated 8/11/2017

11/9/2017 6:39:00 AM
On Wednesday, November 8, 2017 the Presidency Board and the heads of Parliament Fractions held a meeting and made a number of decisions as follow:
1. Kurdistan Parliament urges for making a unified political and social discourse among the political parties in Kurdistan, especially in order to overcome the current difficulties.
2. Kurdistan Parliament and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) need to cooperate in the present situation. For this purpose, they have to activate different commissions of both sides to make Kurdistan political institutions and legal organizations stronger. 
3. Kurdistan Parliament recommends that Kurdistan and its legal organizations are fully ready to make negotiation and dialogue in the framework of Iraqi Constitution in order to deal with all the existing issues. Meanwhile, Kurdistan Parliament asks for the international community to support Kurdistan since life situation of people in Kurdistan is so appalling. Kurdistan Parliament also confirms that Kurds have not violated Iraqi Constitution in the disputed areas at all.
4. Kurdistan Parliament advocates KRG to start negotiations with Baghdad through a financial and legal package. For this purpose, Kurdistan Parliament is to employ a group of experts in different fields in order to cooperate with KRG. It also urges on receiving 17% of Iraqi total Budget for Kurdistan Region for the next financial year.
5. Regarding the new legal working season, Kurdistan Parliament decides to work on a number of significant law-projects which fulfill the requirements of the current situation of Kurdistan and people‌s life. 
6. In the meeting, it was decided to prepare an inclusive report regarding the events happened in the disputed areas.
7. It was also decided to make a prompt meeting between the Kurdish Fractions of the Iraqi Parliament and Kurdistan Parliament in order to outline common views regarding the existing political issues. 
8. Kurdistan Parliament urges the necessity of incessant dialogue and consultancy between KRG and Kurdistan Parliament.