A delegation of the Kurdistan Parliament visits Bulgaria

11/22/2015 11:36:00 AM
A delegation of Civil Society Affairs Committee of the Kurdistan Parliament has visited Bulgaria since 17th to 22nd of November, 2015 in order to make relations with Bulgarian Government and Parliament and to make them aware of Genocide against Kurds and the case of Women of Sinjar, who were slaved by Islamic Terrorists of ISIS.  The delegation included Salar Mahmood, the head of the Civil Society Committee of the Kurdistan Parliament, Parwa Ali, and Deputy-Speaker of the committee, Dr. Muhammad Ali, Ivar Ibrahim, and Kamal Yalda, MPs of Kurdistan. 
The delegation visited Ivan Ivanov, Deputy-Speaker of the Bulgarian Parliament, stressing on internationalizing the case of Sinjar's women and Genocide against Kurds.  The delegation also negotiated about a number of other issues such as high education, tourism, and hygiene, confirming that opening Bulgarian Consulate in Erbil is important for bilateral relations. 

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